Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Barrel Supports

Darren here are some photos of what I am talking about


  1. Thanks
    I have my barrels straight on the sand at the moment with the sand 3" below the top of the bed
    I was going to put on studded bar but 1. the cost was too much and 2. I thought hey would still flex
    Then I was going to use some of my planks which were cut but they were too wide and would encroach into the barrel circumference

  2. I probably didn't need my beds so high but I will have 2 in total and the other is for parsnips so needs to be a little bigger
    In hind sight, I should have done the one at the back bigger and had the one at the front only one panel high

  3. I have now added my supports to my raised beds
    I have drilled through and use 10mm studded rods
    I have the pics on my blog
    Hope the will work as well
    One benefit is that they won't rot and should last quite a while