Monday, 24 January 2011


Just before I dissapeared on a weeks break I went down to Iain Barbours JBA seed potatoes in Annan to pick up my seed potatoes. It was only yesterday that I had the chance to sort them into trays(actually cat litter trays from Poundland at a £1 each!). Once sorted in the trays I have put them into the loft for a couple of weeks as the temperatures here are still at times getting to -6c - so no chances taken with them- plus the coolness in the loft will stop them sprouting. In around a couple of weeks I will bring them into light and some heat to start chitting them( allowing them to throw sprouts). Once they are chitting well I will then take each potato down to a certain number of sprouts - leaving them all on will mean you get possibly more potatoes but not ones of show quality.The varieties and numbers I am growing this year are : NVS Amour(70) NVS Sherine(50) Kestrel(30)Winston(30) Nadine (40) Casablanca(20) and Purple Eyed Seedling (20)


  1. They are looking good Ian. You will have to give your master a run for his money this year.

  2. Iain - Alistair being the real gent he is has already furnished me with loads of info - so it is down to me!!

  3. How much were the tray's from poundland?